Steering Group Project Meeting

Image source: Grzegorz Lobinski.CC BY 2.0
Image source: Grzegorz Lobinski.
CC BY 2.0

I recently conducted the first Project Steering Group meeting using Adobe Connect. This was the first time I have ever used Adobe Connect and I am pleased to announce that it worked brilliantly. The SG members offered some interesting perspectives and asked some rigorous questions of the preliminary project findings. One SG member suggested that I create a taxonomy or model of how academics use iPads for academic practices because this will bring something new to the research literature on iPads and also strengthen the final research findings. Continue reading Steering Group Project Meeting

Project Dissemination: Teacher Training and Technologies Conference 2013

TTT presentation photo

Photo by Shailesh Appukuttan

I presented the project survey’s preliminary findings at the Teacher Training and Technologies Conference last week Friday (March 1) which was held at the University of Huddersfield. The slides can be found at the end of this post.  I got the opportunity to present using the iPad and iPhone. I had recently bought a VGA adapter, Keynote app for the iPad and Keynote Remote for the iPhone to enable me deliver presentations. My main concern was not with using the Keynote apps and Apple devices for the first time to deliver a presentation.  It was with the erratic Wifi connection on the ground floor of the Business School where I presented. Thankfully, my session experienced no Wifi connectivity problems. Continue reading Project Dissemination: Teacher Training and Technologies Conference 2013