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Academic Librarians and iPads Project

iPad screen

A few years ago, I researched how academics at the University of Huddersfield used their iPads for academic practices { teaching, research and administrative tasks}. This research study was funded by the British Educational Research Association {BERA} and its key findings were published in the British Journal of Educational Technology {BJET} – Volume 46, Number 6 issue. You can also watch the short animation video below about the project’s findings. Continue reading Academic Librarians and iPads Project

Taking iStock of 2014

Image source: Photo Giddy
Image source: Photo Giddy

2014 has been a good year with regards to both iPad research projects {BJET and CLL}.

I completed the Changing the Learning Landscape project, submitted a final report and presented the project findings at two conferences:

Aiyegbayo, O. (2014) Piloting the iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club at the University of Huddersfield. 21st Association for Learning Technology Conference (ALT-C), Coventry, 1-3 September, 2014.

 Aiyegbayo, O. (2014) Exploring academics’ formal and informal iPad support systems. Media Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group (MELSIG) Conference, Manchester, 14 April, 2014. Continue reading Taking iStock of 2014

iPad Dissemination Outputs

ALTC presentation photo
Photo by Tamsyn Smith

I presented the findings of the HEA’s “Changing the Learning Landscape” (CLL) funded project at the ALT-Conference in Warwick. The presentation was well received. Fiona Harvey and Tamsyn Smith (University of Southampton) attended my session which was great because University of Huddersfield’s iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club was inspired by Southampton’s iPad (& alternative devices) Coffee Club.

My ALT-C slides:

http://www.slideshare.net/olaojo15/piloting-the-i-pad-and-other-tablets-coffee-club-at-university-of-huddersfield Continue reading iPad Dissemination Outputs

Project Report and Journal Article Writing

Image source: Striatic
Image source: Striatic

I have spent most of January and February writing the final project report and a journal article for the British Journal of Educational Technology (a journal article submission was a funding requirement). I got an email from the project funders, BERA, last week that they were pleased with the final report. The email stated that the report was “accepted in fulfilment of the BJET Fellowship” and it was acknowledged to be a “good piece of work.” I was happy and relieved to hear this because of the amount of effort that went into writing the report and the journal article. Continue reading Project Report and Journal Article Writing