Steering Group Project Meeting

Image source: Grzegorz Lobinski.CC BY 2.0
Image source: Grzegorz Lobinski.
CC BY 2.0

I recently conducted the first Project Steering Group meeting using Adobe Connect. This was the first time I have ever used Adobe Connect and I am pleased to announce that it worked brilliantly. The SG members offered some interesting perspectives and asked some rigorous questions of the preliminary project findings. One SG member suggested that I create a taxonomy or model of how academics use iPads for academic practices because this will bring something new to the research literature on iPads and also strengthen the final research findings.

I am looking at various educational technology usage models for ideas and inspiration. They include Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR model which has helped clarify my thinking about how academics use their iPads. The Edinburgh Napier’s 3E model is also interesting. I would welcome input from readers of this blog on other educational technology usage taxonomies or models which I ought to review for this project.
The preliminary survey findings and my first impressions of the semi-structured interviews reveal the importance of having an effective support system (formal and informal) in place if academics are to maximise their iPads for academic practices. The case of University administrators issuing out iPads to academics and expecting them to figure out how to use these devices does not work. The customary institutional technical set-up support provided when the devices are issued with little or no pedagogical support afterwards fails to equip the academic with the necessary skills to maximise the device in the classroom.

P.S I have created an iPad evaluative survey for academics outside the University of Huddersfield who use iPads for academic practices. If you are interested in participating then please click the Bristol Online Survey link below to complete the survey. The survey will take you no more than 10 minutes at the most to complete. Please share this survey link with colleagues at your institution who also use/own iPads. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Steering Group Project Meeting”

  1. Hi Sir, I really love the work you are doing thanks for sharing it. i would also suggest examining the Technology Acceptance Model. its two key variables ease-of-use and perceived usefulness are useful for examining how and why users adopt and use technology

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