Reflections: How I use my iPad for academic practices

iPad screen

This research project focuses on how academics use their iPads for academic practices. I am turning the spotlight on myself on how I use my institutional-issued iPad for academic practices and also which apps I use.

(1) Teaching and Learning: I don’t teach at the moment so I don’t use my iPad for the design and delivery of teaching. I have however just bought the Keynote app for my iPad (£6.99) and the Keynote remote app for my iPhone (£0.69) with the intention of designing and delivering future presentations using the iPad. I also had to buy the iPad VGA adapter (£25) to connect the device with any projector. I plan to watch some Youtube videos for best practice tips on using the two keynote apps. I am aware you can transfer your PowerPoint slides via iTunes into your Keynote app for the iPad which is handy so I don’t have to start the design process from scratch. I have been to a few recent presentations where the presenters used their iPads to deliver their presentations and it looked good.

I do use the Timer+ app on my iPad during conference presentations as a presentation timer. I set up my iPad facing me so that I can keep track of how much time I have left on the clock. I have not exceeded my allocated presentation time since I started using the Timer+ app on my iPad. Continue reading Reflections: How I use my iPad for academic practices



I attended a Media Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group (MELSIG) event last week Friday. The title of the event was “Smart Devices for Learning: using smartphones, tablets and apps to enhance learning” which was relevant to the BJET iPad project.  I was fortunate to get a slot as I was one of the last two to register for the event. The event was so popular that it had a waiting list of over 60 individuals in case someone dropped out. The event provided me the opportunity to network with other academics and also to learn about how they are using tablets for academic practices. Continue reading MELSIG Event