May iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club

Image source: Olaojo Aiyegbayo
Image source: Olaojo Aiyegbayo

I facilitated a Coffee Club session last Tuesday which 14 colleagues attended. The attendees were mainly academics, subject librarians and learning technologists.  I decided to do something different during this session. Coffee Club attendees were given paper slips and asked to write down their three favourite apps which they use for work-related purposes other than Mail, Calendar and Dropbox. Attendees were divided into three groups and had to share their three apps with their group members. I captured each group’s apps on a flip chart during the feedback stage of the session. This list of apps can be found below.

May 12 Coffee Club Apps

Cheryl Reynolds from the School of Education and Professional Development (SEPD) demonstrated how she uses Kubi in the classroom with her students. “Kubi is the telepresence robot that makes video conferencing simpler and more engaging. It turns tablets into web controlled telepresence robots that pan and tilt, letting you look around and interact with people during video calls.”

Image source: Olaojo Aiyegbayo
Image source: Olaojo Aiyegbayo

I shared the following apps’ videos {Adobe Voice and Adobe Slate} with Coffee Club attendees and asked them how they might use these apps for work-related purposes.

Cheryl Reynolds mentioned that she had used Adobe Voice to create a resource for her students after she noticed that some of them struggled with the use of possessive apostrophes in their essays. She sent me a link to the resource after the session. A few attendees told me that they intend to explore how they could use the Adobe apps to create resources for their students.

Laura Woods, subject librarian, emailed me last week a link to her Haiku Deck presentation on the Browzine app which is worth checking out.


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