iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club Session Stats: 2013-15

Coffee Club Stats

I have organised and facilitated 8 iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club session between 2013 and 2015. 110 unique staff members have attended these sessions – an average of 13 attendees per session. There were 38 male attendees and 72 female attendees. The largest number of attendees for a session was 19 and the lowest was 6 (fire alarm interrupted session).

68 of the 110 attendees were support staff members (e.g. librarians, learning technologists etc) and 42 were academics. Four of 8 Coffee Club sessions were held on a Tuesday while Wednesday and Thursday accounted for two sessions each. The most popular months in the last two years have been November and May with two Coffee Club sessions each. There has been one Coffee Club session in the following months: January, February, March and October.

The most recent Coffee Club (Feb 2016) had 11 attendees and 4 were attending the session for the first time.

School Impact of the Coffee Club: A Learning Technologist in the School of Education and Professional Development (SEPD) created the Appy Hour for SEPD colleagues as a result of the Coffee Club. He attends the Coffee Club sessions regularly to get information about the latest apps and mobile tips which he takes back to his Appy Hour sessions. This is evidence of a central staff development initiative feeding into a school-based one.

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