Project Aims and Outcomes

The project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club in helping University of Huddersfield academics develop the necessary digital literacies to maximise their tablets for academic practices (e.g. teaching, research and administration activities).

The expectation is that the informality of the session and the power of peer learning will break some of the resistance that academics have towards adopting new technologies for academic practices.

A key project objective is to capture, curate and share good ideas, mini case studies and practices involving the use of tablets for academic practices gathered from the iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club as well as other external sources.

The project will deliver:

A project web resource based on the good ideas and practices discussed at the three iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club events. This web resource will be a valuable reference resource for participants who attend the events, University of Huddersfield colleagues who can’t attend the events and also for academics at other HEIs. This site will also feature links to other useful tablet resources (good practices, mini case studies, apps, etc) located on other websites.

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BERA and HEA funded projects on academics’ use of iPads

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