January iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club

Image source: Olaojo Aiyegbayo
Image source: Olaojo Aiyegbayo

The first 2015 iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club event was held on Tuesday and there were 13 attendees. Most of the hour-long event was devoted to the ‘Show & Tell’ session.

Steve Bentley from the School of Applied Sciences demonstrated how colleagues could use the Microsoft Office apps {Word and PowerPoint} on their iPads. He has also created a useful guide for setting up and using the Microsoft Office apps which was circulated to all the attendees after the session. A link to this document is provided below.  A colleague from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture shared her how she uses the Turnitin iPad app for assessment purposes with her Photography students. She stated that the Turnitin desktop software and iPad app have transformed her assessment practices.

A Coffee Club attendee enquired during the ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ section of the Coffee Club how to free up storage space on her iPhone. She had hundreds of photos taking up storage space. I suggested that she creates a Flickr account, download the app onto her phone, connect her camera app and her Flickr app so that every time she takes a photo; a copy is uploaded into her Flickr account. This means that she can delete the photo on her phone, knowing that a copy exists in her Flickr account.  This suggestion will be not appropriate for you If you aren’t comfortable with storing your photos in the cloud. My advise would be to simply connect your smartphone to your laptop or desktop and upload the photos onto the hard drive.

The Air Server software was recently installed on the main PC in the venue used for the Coffee Club events. This software enabled Coffee Club attendees to display and share apps by wirelessly connecting their iPads to the projector without the need for a VGA adapter. The use of the Air Server was a success and I look forward to facilitating future Coffee Club sessions using it.

Other apps shared during the session were:


Chrome Remote Desktop

* Steve Bentley’s Guide for setting up and using the Microsoft Office iPad apps


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