My Accepted #altc Abstract with Reviewer’s Comment

Image source: James F Clay
Image source: James F Clay – ALT-C 2012

I am pleased to announce that my 2014 ALT-Conference abstract has been accepted which means that I will be in Coventry, at the University of Warwick, this September. This is an output of my HEA funded project..

Here is a copy of the accepted abstract paper and the conference’s reviewer’s helpful comment:

Piloting the iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club at the University of Huddersfield

This session will present the findings of a Higher Education Academy (HEA) funded “Changing the Learning Landscape” (CLL) project. The iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club was piloted at the University of Huddersfield during the 2013/14 academic year to help academic staff members use their iPads and other tablet devices effectively.  This initiative was based on a successful iPad coffee club scheme implemented at the University of Southampton.

This session’s presenter/author conducted an iPad project, funded by the British Educational Research Association (BERA), which found that academics at the institution relied mainly on informal support systems (peers, friends and the web) rather than formal institutional support systems (e.g. learning technologists and staff development workshops) when they needed iPad pedagogical support and app recommendations.

The iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club is a staff development session which provides facilitated space for academics to learn from each other by sharing apps, ideas and good practices regarding the use of their tablet devices for academic practices (teaching, research and administration).

Three iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club events were held (one per academic term) over the academic year. The evaluative findings presented during this session are based on attendees’ survey feedback responses and interviews with some academics who attended at least one of these three coffee club events. This session will also focus on lessons learnt (successes and challenges) from piloting the scheme.

This session will be of interest to academics, learning technologists, and academic developers who want to support colleagues’ use of iPads and other tablets for academic practices in their institutions.

Conference Reviewer’s comment:

The authors have presented a clear abstract which will be of interest to a broad audience. It might be useful in the talk (and possibly the abstract although it is not a condition) to compare and contrast these findings with those from the Southampton trial to identify any key themes for the audience to build upon. The presentation should focus on the use of coffee clubs as a development opportunity/form of institutional change, rather than the iPad as a tool.

If you are also attending the 2014 ALT-Conference, then please look out for me and/or drop by my session if you can.

2 thoughts on “My Accepted #altc Abstract with Reviewer’s Comment”

  1. Hi, I can’t make the conference but am really interested to read about your findings as interested in setting up something similiar at Sheffield University. Would you send me a copy of your paper or presentation after the conference? Many thanks Nicki Newman

    1. Hello Nicki,

      I am currently working on a paper about the Coffee Club study and would email you a copy when it is published as well as my ALTC presentation after the conference. I would recommend that you read my Coffee Club posts which I have tagged as CLL –
      There is useful information about the origins of the Coffee Club and how I organised & facilitated the three Coffee Clubs at Huddersfield.
      I would be happy to have a chat about Coffee Clubs if you have any questions.

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