Requesting iPad Collaborators

Image source: Easa Shamih
Image source: Easa Shamih

Here are two collaborative iPad research ideas I have been thinking about which I would like to propose to you (my blog readers) to see if you are interested in collaborating with me do one or both of them?

Idea 1: I created an iPad survey for the BERA project which I administered at the University of Huddersfield. This survey explored how academics use their iPads for academic practices (teaching, research and admin). I would like to find out if you would be interested in using this survey or an adapted one at your institution so that we can do a comparative study of the similarities and differences between our institutions’ use of iPads? All the iPad research studies (particularly Higher Education ones) I have read, just focus on use of iPads in one institution rather than multiple institutions. This is an interesting angle worth exploring.

Idea 2: Does your institution have an iPad/tablet loan system? I am interested in collaborating with colleagues in other HEIs with a strong iPad loan system – where academics and students are loaned iPads for use in the classroom (short term loans) and the IT team or learning technologists maintain and manage these devices when these iPads are not used by the students or academics. We don’t have an iPad loan culture at Huddersfield. Every school issued iPad is given to the academic or student until they leave the institution. They are responsible for these devices not the learning technologists or IT teams. Burden et al (2012) found that the personal ownership models trumps loan models. I would love to do a comparative study on the use of these models in HEIs.

If you are interested or just want to know more about these collaborative project ideas then please use the comments’ box below and we can have a conversation.



2 thoughts on “Requesting iPad Collaborators”

  1. Hi Olaojo,

    At my institution (Virginia Commonwealth University) we have an iPad pilot program where we loan up to 20 iPads to faculty to use in their courses. Each faculty’s IT dept. is responsible for the devices. Some faculty choose to let students use the iPads only in class, others allow students to take the iPads outside the classroom. I’m definitely interested in both research ideas, though I ‘d be happy to have a more in depth conversation around these ideas if you are, let me know


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