Conference Dissemination Plans

Image source: Delwin Steven Campbell
Image source: Delwin Steven Campbell

Here are my current three iPad dissemination conference targets for 2014. One of the three conferences is already confirmed and I am planning to submit abstracts to the other two over the next few weeks. If you are at any of these conferences then please drop by my session or catch up with me during the conference breaks.

I am presenting at the next MELSIG event on April 14 at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). The MELSIG organisers have kindly invited me to do a short presentation titled “Exploring academics’ formal and informal iPad support systems“. This presentation is an opportunity to share my current thinking about the topic with like-minded folks and get feedback from them on how to take the topic and its ideas forward. The plan is to eventually convert this presentation into a journal article in a few months time. This is a free event so if you are interested in attending then book NOW because there are limited slots left..

I plan to submit a standard paper presentation titled “Piloting the iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club at the University of Huddersfield” to the ALT-Conference. This presentation will be based on the findings of  the Higher Education Academy (HEA) funded “Changing the Learning Landscape” (CLL) project. I hope it would be accepted. The conference is on September 1-3 at the University of Warwick.

The third conference on my radar is the SEDA conference at Nottingham on November 13-14. I haven’t yet decided what aspect of the project findings to submit as an abstract yet. The deadline is not until May 2, so I still have some time to decide.

2 thoughts on “Conference Dissemination Plans”

  1. Hi Ola might see you in Manchester if not def at Alt… I’m also on the Seda conference committee so if you want any help with that give me ‘a shout’:) Chris Rowell

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