UK HEIs’ iPad and other tablets Support Systems

Image source: @olaojo15
Image source: @olaojo15

The University of Brighton has a start-up kit which will help you to build your own tablet “App Swap Breakfast Event” at your own institution. The template is under a Creative Commons license so you are free to use and adapt this resource. Ever since, I was inspired to replicate the University of Southampton’s “iPad and alternative devices Coffee Club” at the University of Huddersfield; I have been on the lookout for iPad/tablet support systems used at other UK universities.

I was alerted to Brighton’s model because I discovered via a tweet that University of Salford had just started their own App Swap event and they stated that Brighton was their inspiration. I went to the University of Brighton website to find out more and found their “App Swap Breakfast Event” start-up kit.

I am building a list of various iPad/tablet support systems (workshops, events, training sessions, coffee clubs etc)  available at different UK universities and would appreciate your help in developing this list. If you are doing something similar at your institution then please use this post’s comment section to tell me about it (include a web link if available). Also if you are aware what other institutions are doing to support academics’ use of iPads or other tablet devices then please let me know as well in the comment section. Thanks.

University of Salford

University of Northampton

University of Southampton

Regent’s University

University of Hartford

University of Brighton

University of Huddersfield

York St John University

Loughborough University 


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