Second iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club @ UoH

Image source: olaojo15
Image source: olaojo15

The second iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club event was held last week. The attendee turnout was lower than the first coffee club event because of the school half-term holidays. A lot of academic staff members were away on annual leave with their families. It was a major oversight on my part to plan the event during the school half-term holiday week. The date was selected late last year and the large conference room used as the venue was free on this day. If you are planning to hold similar events in your institution then take note of half-term holidays when planning your event. 11 people attended the session so it wasn’t a terrible turnout number but it could have been higher. 15 academics attended the previous event.

During the show & tell session – Val shared how she uses the Turnitin app to grade her students’ work. Kathrine demonstrated how she uses the Zite app to curate, manage and share her research interests. Adrian shared the benefits of using OneNote with students. He demonstrated this with a Samsung tablet computer using the Windows 8 operating system. The OneNote app is also available for iOS and Android devices.  I showed coffee club attendees how I use Adobe Ideas for illustrative purposes and highlighted the similarities and differences between this app and the Paper app. I mentioned some useful bargain hunting apps for discovering when app developers lower the prices of their apps.

Accessing the WiFi was a big issue during this coffee club event especially during Kathrine’s Zite demonstration. This is one of the downsides of using mobile devices for presentation and demonstration purposes. It must be noted that the University’s WiFi network was responsible for this accessibility problem not the iPad. It was interesting that survey respondents in my BJET project findings stated that one of the limitations of the iPad was WiFi accessibility and blamed the iPad for this.

Here are all the apps mentioned at the coffee club event:






Adobe Ideas



Discovr Apps

If you have other apps to share then please use the comment’s box below.

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