Project Report and Journal Article Writing

Image source: Striatic
Image source: Striatic

I have spent most of January and February writing the final project report and a journal article for the British Journal of Educational Technology (a journal article submission was a funding requirement). I got an email from the project funders, BERA, last week that they were pleased with the final report. The email stated that the report was “accepted in fulfilment of the BJET Fellowship” and it was acknowledged to be a “good piece of work.” I was happy and relieved to hear this because of the amount of effort that went into writing the report and the journal article.

The title of the submitted BJET article is “How and why academics do and do not use iPads for academic teaching?” The maximum word count for a BJET article is 4000 words including the abstract, references and practitioner notes. This meant that I had to choose a component of the project findings to focus on. I picked the ‘teaching-related’ findings because I felt that most BJET readers would be interested in these findings.

The submitted article is currently with the journal reviewers and I am awaiting their feedback. I am currently working on the second article because I don’t want to lose the writing momentum while waiting for the reviewers’ comments. The second paper will focus on ‘support-related’ issues. This was not the primary focus of the research study but I enquired about the issue of support (formal and informal) in the two surveys and 22 interviews which revealed some interesting findings.

Most survey respondents and interviewees weren’t keen on utilising formal support systems for iPad training but rather preferred seeking support from informal support networks. A large number of survey respondents stated that they didn’t need additional institutional support in terms of learning how to use their iPads. I found this interesting because the iPad is still a relatively new technology.  I am currently poring over the interview transcripts to figure out why academics weren’t keen to make use of additional institutional support.

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