iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club @ UoH

Image source: @olaojo15
Image source: @olaojo15

The first ever University of Huddersfield ‘iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club’ held this week was a success.

Feedback from one of the attendees provided in Yammer the following day was

 “This was a really good event, well worth attending – and the carrot cake was nice too.”

25 colleagues booked to attend the event and 17 showed up. It seems that colleagues are really busy at this time of the year. Most of the attendees were iPad users and there were 2 Android users as well. A colleague who didn’t own any tablet device came to the event because he was planning to get his own iPad soon and was eager to learn more about the device.

The venue of the session was the University’s Large Conference room. The session was divided into two sections. The first part was the ‘show & share’ section which involved five colleagues who had expressed the interest to share their favourite work-related apps with fellow coffee club attendees. Each ‘show & share’ presenter had a 5 minute slot and they were encouraged to focus their app sharing on what they thought was so great about their app of choice (strengths and benefits) and the reason why they wanted the coffee club attendees to download and try the app.

The apps shown & shared were Diigo and Endote (for research purposes), Nearpod (for teaching purposes), Cloudon (for writing and editing purposes) and Turnitin (for assessment purposes).

The second half of the coffee club was the ‘wisdom of crowds’ section. Coffee club attendees were encouraged to pose tablet related issues which they were struggling with and the hope was that there might be another coffee club attendee who could provide the answer or solution. All the questions posed were solved during the session. If there had been an unanswered tablet issue/question then the plan was for me to either search the web or get in touch with my academic contacts who are knowledgeable about tablet devices to get a solution. I will then email that solution to all the coffee club attendees.

It was a great session and I believe that all the attendees got something of value from attending it. The next two coffee clubs are slated for 2014. Watch this space.

I asked the coffee club attendees to check out the tablet app site which I am slowly populating with relevant work-related apps.

A WordPress Media Explorer collection of the session’s tweets

2 thoughts on “iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club @ UoH”

  1. Well done for getting it up and running – it sounds like a really positive first event. I like the idea of five minute slots so that presenters give succinct arguments about what they like/dislike about a particular app.

    A central place that uni staff can go to to find relevant apps is something that I’ve also been working on. People want to know about general productivity apps and also some subject specific apps. It’s so difficult for many people to find exactly what they are looking for.

    How did you find the venue worked? Was the second half of the session relatively informal, or did people feel a bit constrained by the formality of the location?

    1. The venue was great because of the numbers we had (15). The ‘wisdom of crowds’ session worked because I ensured it was informal. I didn’t get the sense that people felt constrained and the discussions flowed as colleagues posed questions which others offered solutions based on their own experiences. It would be interesting to see how UoH colleagues engage with the web resource. I am promoting it to colleagues who couldn’t attend last week’s coffee club event but who have been to another iPad related event in the past.

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