Southampton’s iPad (& Alternative Devices) Coffee Club

Image credit: Tamsyn Smith
Image credit: Tamsyn Smith

I travelled to the University of Southampton last week to attend the Centre for Innovation in Technologies and Education (CITE)’s iPad (& Alternative Devices) Coffee Club which was co-facilitated by Fiona Harvey and Tamsyn Smith.  I am piloting a similar scheme at the University of Huddersfield (UoH) this academic year because the BJET project findings revealed that UoH colleagues were struggling to maximise the use of their iPads for academic practices. There is a demand for institutional support to help them gain the knowledge and skills needed to use their tablets effectively. I believe that the iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club is a great informal way to support colleagues’ effective use of their iPads.

I got the opportunity during my short visit to learn more about the Southampton coffee club scheme by observing it live. I also got to share the BJET project findings with Southampton colleagues. Fiona Harvey and Tamsyn Smith were great hosts and I enjoyed hanging out with them after the session. I am exploring the possibility of doing some iPad collaborative work with them soon.

I got to share how I use my Keynote remote (iPhone) and Keynote (iPad) apps to do presentations. I helped a lecturer who recently got an iPad Air (it is so light) download all the six key Apple apps {Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iMovie, Garage band and iPhoto} for free. This free Apple apps download is only available to folks who bought their iOS devices from September 1, 2013.

Other Southampton academics who attended the session went away with apps to try out as well as new ways of using their iPads. Showbie was an app I learnt about during the session which I plan to investigate further as the app makes it easy to collect and review student work on the iPad. This might be of interest to UoH’s Occupational Therapy colleagues and students as they all have iPads.

The University of Huddersfield’s iPad (and other tablets) Coffee Club session is next week Tuesday (Nov 26). I am looking forward to it. It will not be in a staff/student bar (like Southampton’s own) but rather a Large Conference room.  There will however be nice cake and tea/coffee. I will publish a blog post on the session late next week.

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