Writing up

Image credit: @olaojo15
Image credit: @olaojo15

The second iPad BJET survey closed last week and 56 academics completed it. 84 academics completed the first survey. I believe that the drop in respondent numbers has to do with the time of year.  Most academics are very busy with teaching and dealing with their final REF submissions. I have to write up a journal article for the British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET) based on the project’s findings as part of the funding requirement.

It has been challenging because I am writing up the project’s final report in conjunction with the BJET journal article. The word count limit for a BJET article is 4000 words and I initially struggled to fit all the key findings into one article under 4000 words. I then realised that it was futile trying to condense all the key project findings into one article. The best option was to divide them into multiple articles. I decided to go for depth rather than breadth in writing up the article.

I made the decision to focus the article on the ‘teaching and assessment’ academic practice findings and save the ‘research’ and ‘administrative’ practices for future articles. I believe that BJET readers would find the ‘teaching and assessment’ project findings to be most interesting bit of the research. Both the final report and the journal article need to be submitted to BERA in December. This means that I have a lot of writing to do over the next few weeks. I will keep you posted about the writing process in future posts.

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