iPad Dissemination Trips

Image source: Harrypope
Image source: Harrypope

The Teaching Centre at Loughborough University is running a project called Tablets in Learning and Teaching (TiLT) and it is hosting an internal workshop next week.  I have been invited to share some of the key BJET iPad findings at this event. Thanks to Charles Shields for the invitation. The last 6 weeks have been great in terms of project dissemination. I have presented at BERA, ALT-C and MELSIG conferences. I  travelled to University of Leicester for an internal seminar to share my project findings with colleagues there. The Medical School at Leicester is issuing out iPads to all staff and students this academic year and there were some medical school colleagues at the session who were keen to learn about Huddersfield’s iPad experiences. Manchester University’s Medical School was the first UK medical school to issue out iPads to their staff and students and I am sure other UK medical schools would soon follow Manchester and Leicester’s lead.

I also travelled to Manchester Metropolitan University to talk to Hannah Crumbleholme (E-learning Support Officer within the Learning Innovation division at MMU). We had a pleasant conversation at MMU’s Business School café. MMU operates a staff iPad loan system which Loughborough plans to do as well. Hannah told me she uses Cisco’s Meraki system to manage iPads loaned to staff and she claims Meraki is much better than Apple’s configurator. Meraki Systems Manager is a mobile device management (MDM) solution that allows you to manage multiple iOS devices from a central web dashboard. It also manages non-iOS devices according to Hannah. She demonstrated some of Meraki’s features to me and I was impressed. .

Hannah also introduced me to the TagPad research app which I shared with Huddersfield staff members at last week’s iPad Sharemeet. Some colleagues told me that they plan to download and use the app for their research interviews later this year.

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