BERA 2013 iPad Conference Slides & Video

It was great presenting at BERA last week. The weather at Brighton & Hove was lovely and my presentation was well-received. This year’s BERA conference was held at the University of Sussex. I had the pleasure of meeting Nick Rushby (BJET editor) who manages the BJET Fellowship programme. He attended my presentation and made a video recording of it using a portable video camera placed on the table. I have embedded the video below. The audio quality of the video is fine but because of the sunlight and the positioning of the camera; you won’t be able to see the slides clearly in the video. This is the reason why I have also embedded the presentation slideshow in this post. I presented at the MELSIG Conference last week as well and this event was held at the University of Huddersfield. Last week was a physically demanding week due to the travelling. I plan to share my ALT-C  presentation slides and conference observations in another post next week.

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