Project Work in Progress

Image courtesy of Blumpy
Image courtesy of Blumpy

I have been off the last few weeks on paternity leave so I am slowly getting back to speed with the project. I am still conducting interviews. I have done 17 interviews so far. My target is 25 which is a realistic target. I am however working against the clock with upcoming exams, marking and holidays in the horizon. I sent the first 10 interview audio files out this week to a transcriber and should start to get them back for analysis from next week.

Most of the next 2 months (May and June) will be spent analysing the interview transcripts. I have collated a lot of relevant journal articles which I need to read and review to make sense of the project findings. Google Scholar alert system has been a great tool in monitoring the latest research on iPads in Higher Education (HE). A lot of the work in this area are still mainly school-based not HE.

I will be presenting some of the project’s findings at The Teaching and Learning Institute Seminar Series (TALISS) event on May 13th. It would be great to get feedback from attendees who use iPads for academic practices. I expect that some of the attendees would be academics who have participated in this research project. The session would be a great opportunity to talk to colleagues who also use iPads at work but haven’t taken part in the project. I would like to identify which findings are generic – applicable across schools and disciplines and those which are specific to a certain discipline or school.

I am keen to unpack the issue of support during the session- both formal (institutional) and informal (peer). What do colleagues want in terms of formal support and how do they want it delivered/provided by their schools.

I discovered these two great tweets this week courtesy of the recent “Technology in Higher Education Conference”.  They relate to the issue regarding iPad support/CPD for academic staff members.


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