Launched Survey

launched rocketImage source: Jurvetson

I finally got ethics clearance from the Business School ethics panel on December 11 to go ahead with the project. I launched the survey on December 12 and the Business School Teaching and Learning Committee’s (STLC) secretary sent the survey link and project information to all academic staff members within the Business School on my behalf. The response rate has been low so far which is probably due to the holiday break. An email reminder was sent out today (Jan 8) to all academic staff members.

I created another iPad survey for non-Business colleagues at the University who use/own an iPad. The additional data from these academic will supplement survey data gathered from Business academics. There was a question in the non-Business survey that sought to identify if the survey respondents received their iPads from their schools (school-issued) or they bought the iPad (personal acquisition). The Business School issued out iPads to all their academic and non-academic staff members. This second survey was also sent out to all academic staff members in the other 6 schools at the University of Huddersfield via their STLC secretaries yesterday.

Most of January will be spent arranging and conducting interviews with colleagues who have expressed interest in getting interviewed on how they use their iPads for academic practices. A preliminary scan of the collated survey data so far reveals some interesting things about how academics use their iPads at work. I will reveal more information in subsequent posts.

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