Seeking Ethics Approval

I spent this week working on and submitting the ethics application form to the Business School ethics panel. I am hopeful that I will get a quick yes so that I can send out the first survey to colleagues in the Business School asap. Feedback from the project steering group members has helped refine the initial draft survey questions. I believe the revised survey questions will produce rich data that help me know how academics are using the school-issued iPads for their academic practices. The plan is to send out the first survey early December and conduct some interviews/focus groups early 2013.

I also watched a 20 minutes ALT-C 2012 video by James Clay on “Taking the tablets: how are tablets used in learning and teaching?” which I would recommend. James Clay is the ILT and Learning Resources Manager at Gloucestershire College.

A great quote by James Clay on the need to focus on the affordances of the iPads and not see them as computer or laptop replacements.

“I have never seen the iPad (or any other modern tablet) as a computer replacement.  Trying to use an iPad as a traditional computer is missing many of the affordances that these devices offer. The other thing is, with Dropbox, cloud storage, Google Docs, etc… people who have and actually use iPads on a regular basis have in my experience never miss USB storage… We need to stop looking at the limitations of these devices and start thinking about the value they add to the learning process.” James Clay (source)


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